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Server Update
January 15th
- Newcomer bonus is active
- Automated Rewards fixed for level 70-75-80-85
- Immortal G4/G5 Talismans were added
- Wings section added in donation merchant
- x2 Hidden Island Certificates added to Started Package
- x1 Paradise Island Certificate added to Started Package
- x3 G20 Buffs Scrolls (single use) added to Started Package
- Emergency Escape Invalid Cooldown issue fixed
- Dungeon of Fortune Teleport Reborn limitation reduced
- Dungeon of Strategy Teleport Reborn limitation reduced
- Dungeon of Blood Teleport Reborn limitation reduced
- Certificate Upgrade System has been reworked
- Raid Instances 5 and 6 have been added
- Shadow Set added for testing - Credits to Haze
- New Weapons Set added (future Elite PVE)
- Sapphire and Ruby droprate increased

If you can't use Launcher.exe
Download manual update here
Server Update
January 10th
- Starting level changed to 70 + G70 gear
- Newcomer bonus is active
- Rewards added for levels 70-90
- 3 new Rare Wings added
- 3 new Exclusive Wings added
- 4 new Elite Wings added
- Jade wings added for Party (lvl 110) Quest reward
- Amber Wings added to Shop Reward Coins merchant
- Automated Critical/Buff[G20] Events fixed
- Notices added for automated events

Server Update
January 7th
- Starting level changed to 70 + G70 gear
- Raid #4 Dungeon has been enabled
- Raid #3 Entry fee reduced
- Raid Rewards Manager has been fixed
- Raid Dungeon #2 Monsters fixed
- MA 3rd job G3 buffs fixed
- Baby Element Pets description fixed
- Mirrors Set has been fixed in donation shop
- LVL 110 Party Quest description fixed

Server Update
January 5th
- Raid Reward Points fixed
- Raid Rewards Manager added
- Cocaine price to join Raids reduced
- Raid Reward Points description, name fixed (task item)
- Monster damage reduced in Sacred Island
- Priest spawns disabled in 1 by 1 zones (earlier)
- Jewel Boxes has been added
- Immortal TOP has been fixed

Server Update
January 3rd
- Daily Critical Events added (10 times/day)
- Daily G20 Buffs Event added (5 times/day)
- Connectivity issues solved (random c/ls as well)
- Horns Cooldown reduced to 60 seconds
- Certificates droprate increased in Treasure Boxes
- Treasure Boxes respawn time reduced
- Dungeon of Insomnia monsters damage reduced
- Dungeon 2 Hall 1 monsters damage reduced
- Element Masters have 50% chance to drop a mirror
- Raid Monsters evasion has been reduced
- Element Pet Heads droprate increased (+50%)

Start level: 50
Start Gear: G50 + Picker pet
Experience: x300
Reborn: Level 120
Max Gear: G150 (G110+ Crafted)